How to use another company 's song in youtube video

Hi 'friends today I am going to show you how you can get the copyright license for your youtube channel.

YouTube Video Me Audio License Kaise Lagaye

Why license is needed.

Friends, you all know if you want to be a video on youtube. If you use an audio from another company, you are very likely to get copyright. If you have 3 copy right strikes on your channel. Your channel will also be deleted.

So you might think that there are other externally youtube channels. Use someone else's song to make videos, but their channel is not deleted. So let us tell you. There are lots of us companies. Which does not give copy night strike. But how much is a compney that will give you a copy right strike if you're using the song, which can cause people to terminate your channel.

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And friends, let me tell you what 's more channelized. If they use a big company's song, they will give them shares, so their channel doesn't get a strike. And they 're going to take the first thing into the crowd. Then you use the song in the video.

Copy Code Hare

'' The song was used. in the video belong to another company, but if your song sounds like this And if you were having trouble contact us and delete the video. Your song will be removed immediately give us direct strike on our video no. You contact us.
Under section 107 of the Copyright Act, 1976, an allowance is given for purposes like repudiation of copyright, criticism, comment, reporting of news, teaching, scholarships, education and research. Fair use is an application permitted by the copyright law which may otherwise be infringed."

You may contact us with our email id. Your words will be fully looked after.

Then you can talk to the person and then use the song. But if you can't talk to those person, you can use audio in the video with audio licenses. This leaves you very likely to get a copyright strike. A lot of youtube channel of doing tax

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