I was submitted my Blogger site for Adsense but I have not received any email from Adsense after 2 weeks why

 So friends, you are all countries, I hope you all will be well. I was submitted my Blogger site for Adsense but I have not received any email from Adsense after 2 weeks why

I was submitted my Blogger site for Adsense but I have not received any email from Adsense after 2 weeks why

So friends today, this post will know that when you apply your Google Adsense and you get a message that you will be posted to it after 2 weeks, then if it does not get repiled then why not? If you pick up, all the choice will come, we will know about it on today's post.

So friends, let us tell you that AIDS prevails in 24 hours and you get it in 8 hours, if you have a good unicortical post, you have customized a good website. But if there is a problem, then it is not unicortical, if your website is not designed correctly, then you face a lot of difficulties in this, then you get such approval.

So friends, all of you know that if you create a block nowadays, then you will have to take the problem of everything from Adsense, when you take its property from the gate on behalf of Adsense, then your block website promotions will be sleeping You will earn a lot.

You all know that there is a lot of competition on the Internet nowadays, if you create a blog website and do not post a good customized Raja article, then you may face a lot of difficulty in taking Adsense approval. .

So friends, in this post today, we are going to know that when you apply for a swan, you will get a message that within 2 weeks you will be replying to some message by checking your website and many of your people. All are such that if you apply Adsense, then such a message comes, but there is no message sent from there within 2 weeks, so why not tell us after all.

So see friends, there is no response from there within 2 weeks, there may be many regions, so let us tell you some regions which will give you an idea that what you have applied, why not get your reply within 2 weeks He Came.

So friends, many people believe that when we apply Google Adsense from here, whenever our website is found, some bots review it there, but friends, let us tell you that nothing happens when we here But when we apply for Google Adsense, then a person like us reviews there which is manually.

Friends, you all know that nowadays a lot of websites have been created, many blocks have been created, which is how many Google Adsense are applied every day, that is why I have a review, then it takes a lot of time, therefore your Google Adsense is replying and within two weeks is not possible.

There is some other reason that due to which your Adsense Google Adsense does not get reprinted from there, then let us also take some information about it.

So friends, let us tell you that if you like nowadays for a person, then it is very important to have at least 100 visitors to your website. If you are so busy looking at your website, then you may have a little difficulty in taking approval of Adsense.

And friends, whenever you apply for an address, apply in a good way, if you can apply, then you can search on Google, you can see articles and videos, then you can see the application step of AdSense. Can step bye.

Friends, whenever you write a post on your website, write the unique ID call immediately and do not write the old article, if you write the old article, Google will not index it because you know that if you write the old article in Google When you post, he will look at your article and everyone said that he has done a copy and why he will give Google Adsense Approval on this article, you think something and if you write an old article about good article, Google will not take it because If I have an Already article, why give Google Adsense approval on this article.

So friends, the biggest result is that if your AdSense response does not come from there, then its reason is that there is a problem somewhere in your website, there is a problem somewhere in your design which has written your post. There is not a unique post somewhere in it and when you have liked for AdSense, then you have a problem somewhere in it, that is why the response of Adsense from there does not come soon.

Now you will have a question in your mind that how do we get the management of Adsense soon.

So friends, first of all, we tell you some steps that you have to follow, you will have a little help in AdSense approval in water.

First of all, when you create your blog, you will design it very well. To design you can use any good theme which should not be very colorful, it should be in black white, then you should use a great team. You have to do it and make a call on your blog so that you should look very fresh, you should see your block because the person who blocks you will also look beautiful if your block will look good, then you can have a problem with Google Adsense.

The second number is that any article you want to write should be absolutely unique, notYou have to copy from somewhere and what you are doing comes in your post, if you do this then Google will catch you that if you want to copy this article from this website, then you have something like this Do not have to go and copy another article and post it on your website, if you do this, then the website you have kept will also be down and you will not be able to get strong thinking.

What you have to do in the third number is that you have to create 3 pages on your blog, the first page is a privacy policy about horse and disclaimer woman contact, that page also you should make all these pages because the review that takes place on your website Everyone sees that you have created a page in your website or not, even if you do not create a page on your side, you may have a lot of difficulty in getting Adsense approval.

So friends, we hope that you will have got a lot of information from this post, if you have got a little bit from any support, then you must share it among your friends so that if those people have also created a block then they too soon Get WhatsApp profile soon.

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