Can AdSense can be used on Google Sites without TLD?

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In today's post, we are going to die whether we can take Approval of Adsens without Top Lebal Domain.

Can AdSense can be used on Google Sites without TLD?

All of you must have thought about creating a blog or website and a question is going on in your mind that if we can take approval of Adsens without having a Top Lebal Domain, then today we will give information about this in this post. If you are going to insult the post, then people will definitely understand themselves.

So friends first of all, we can use Google Adsens on our website without having a Top Lebal Domain.

So friends, you can use Google AdSense on the blog website without taking any top label domain. Quite simply.

Earlier Google AdSense used to give Google Approval only on Top Lebal Domain.

But friends, let us tell you that recently a new update has come from Google AdSense that you can do Approvd of AdSense on any domain. Just your blog should have better content. So you can use AdSense on any domain.

But friends, you have to take care of more things. There is also some domain on which you will not be able to take AdSense Approval.

If you want to take Approval of AdSense, then you should not use Free Domain like DotT has many more domains with it. Which you do not have to use.

Friends, if you create a blog website, then what you have to do is to spend a little money and purchase a domain which should come in the Top Lebal Domain, if you want to take a comment, you can take dot com or dot You can take these or you can take XYZ and can view and take online, in such a case, if you do any double, you will get the strength of the institution on it.

Friends, if you have a little less money, then you can go and double check from the posting city, there you will get XYZ payment for just ₹ 49, which is a very good domain at that time, you can use it on it. You will find Approval of Adsens easily.

And if you do not want to spend money and want to build a flop website and also want to approve Adsens on it, then what you have to do is to create a website on Blogger from there you will get a free domain name which in words Servant who connects with Blogger.

After creating a blog yourself, you have to post good content on it, which should be completely unique content, then you will get AdSense Approval on it.

But friends, keep in mind one thing that if you use everyone's mind by connecting with the blog, then you will get the operation of Adsens on me, but you will have to wait a little time, what will you have to do that you will post a blog on it You have to keep good content and make contact page of the privacy policy, then what you have to do is to wait 2 to 4 months after that if you have a problem then apply for Adsens. You will get AdSense enabled.

And there will be a question in your mind that if we take all this domain then there will be no problem with it.

So friends, tell you that you can take this domain for free only with Blogger, which will be connected to Blogger, then you can take it absolutely free, there you will not have to pay any money there, but you will have to pay it in free time You will not get any money now, but friends, if you use its sub domain, then you will not have any problem right now, but in the future, you may face a little problem. You can fall down.

First of all, when you take Adsens Approval on the sub domain, then it will not look 2 minutes a little bit right because you will connect a little bit of, so that what you see in me will be much bigger, which will not look beautiful.

When you take Adsens Approval on it, which will connect to, after that if you want to shift your website to WordPress, then you can shift it only because if you shift on it then You will have to take the custom domain there when you get the customer, then you will have to take one thing on it again, because the one organization you will take people and will connect to the blog, which can only be run by your Blogger somewhere. You cannot write anywhere else.

So friends, I believe that if you create a blog for a little morning, then you should never use a free domain because if you use Freedom, then you may face a lot of problems in the future. Spend a lot of money and try to get a little Top Lebal Domain or if you take Swan's Approval on it, then you probably won't have any problem in the future.

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